Saturday/Sunday in Miami

Have you ever played Grand Theft Auto Vice City? I felt like I was in that game the whole trip.

We had a bit of a late start on Saturday. But our first stop of the day was a restaurant called Bacon Bitch about a 5 minute walk from our hotel. We googled the area for breakfast food, and this place popped up. We were greeted with a very enthusiastic “Hey Bitcheeeeessss!”. This is part of the whole gimmick. The food was excellent and budget friendly. The staff was friendly and funny. The atmosphere is chill. You can either dine inside in the neon lit dining area, or outside on the cute patio facing Collins st. Apparently this place is even popular among locals.

Fueled for the day, we popped in some of the local shops in the area. The girls bought some perfumes and clothes.

Our next stop was Wynwood Arts District.

Wynwood Walls

Our little group was stacked with 2 artists. My best friend Etta and my cousin Kayla are both visual artist and EXTREMELY talented. Some of their work is below.

Painting by Etta (I purchased this one)

A sketch Kayla did on the plane ride to Miami. The pic on the left was her inspiration/reference

So when researching things to do in Miami, they absolutely needed to go to Wynwood Walls.

This is a small park filled with elaborate and beautiful murals.

Me posing in front of a mural

Etta and Kayla were like 2 kids in a candy store. They loved every moment of our time here.

We spent a couple hours exploring the area and taking several pictures. We stopped at a cute Gelato shop that was ridiculously expensive. And then we headed back to the hotel.

The plan was to grab dinner, rest and then get ready to go back out to Studio 23. But honestly us 3 older ladies didn’t really feel like it that night. So we split up and did our own thing. We were in the mood for Mexican food. So we ended up going to Alma Mexicana. The restaurant is a little small. But the food was seasoned very well and the staff was friendly.

Our last stop for the night was WEAM. To be completely honest, I felt a little dissolute being there. But it was so funny to be in there with my girlfriends. Plenty of laughs were shared. We were there past midnight.

Etta posing with a sculpture

So that was pretty much the end of the night.

Apparently the birthday girl didn’t and Armani didn’t end up going to Studio 23 with that dude from tv. They said “the vibe wasn’t right”. I trust their judgment. They said they ended up randomly meeting a group of girls from DC who had a table at some other place. They spent the night out with them and had a lot of fun.

Sunday was completely uneventful. We got ready, went to a gift shop, and headed to the airport.

This was a quick but fun trip. I’m from the northeast, so it was such a treat to be on the beach enjoying 78 degree weather in January!

Thanks for reading about my first trip to Miami.







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