About Me

Hello there! I’m Brittney. I’m thirty and I live in the Northeastern United States. I left the country for the first time when I was seventeen. My high school offered a Spanish exchange program that I qualified to participate in. And thanks to my parents I was able to do so.

17 year old me in Teatro Calderon de la Barca, Valladolid Spain

During that trip I spent three weeks in Spain with a group of sixteen other students. We toured several different cities, attended secondary school some days, and lived with a host Spanish family for two and a half weeks.

CT/Spain Partnership class of 2010 in front of El Palacio Real Madrid, Spain (me squinting in the bottom right)
My Spanish sister Laura and I

I was absolutely enchanted by Spain. In visiting cities like Toledo, Segovia and Salamanca, I felt like I was transported into medieval times. And the food, dear Lord, the food was wondrous. The people were warm and expressive and charming. I fell in love with that country. But I also learned to appreciate my own even more.

17 year old me in Parque Del Buen Retiro Madrid, Spain

And so that was it. I was hooked on traveling.

Now that I’m older and independent I can plan my travels as I see fit. I’m a working class woman. And I’m only allotted a few weeks of (PTO) paid time off from my corporate desk job. So I have to be budget conscious and time conscious when making travel plans. But if I can manage it, so can you.

Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina, US (May 2018)

This is not a blog about extravagant travels. I will not be posting overly edited pictures of myself in a bikini on a beach somewhere. Or photoshopped pics of me sunbathing on the deck of a private chartered yacht. This blog is here to inspire the novice traveler who wants to start seeing more of the world, or even just more of their backyard.

There’s so much more to travel than beach vacations and luxurious resorts. Follow me and I’ll show you more.


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