Miami Vice

It’s that time again folks. It’s time for Miami!

This trip is all about my baby cousin Shannon. She just turned 21 yesterday and wanted to do something special. So me being the wanderluster that I am, we had to get on a plane.

With this Polar Vortex at hand, this is the perfect time to leave for a mini getaway.

This is my first time in Miami, and Shannon’s first time on a plane.

There are 5 of us on this trip. Myself, my cousin Kayla (who you’ll remember from Iceland), my little cousin Shannon (the birthday girl), her friend Armani, and my best friend Etta (who’s meeting us from Kentucky).

I really didn’t have the time to plan an itinerary like I normally do. But I made sure to place us at a hotel that is very centrally located. We’re staying at Hotel Chelsea in South Beach. We’ll be 2 blocks from the beach!

More to come soon!






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