Quebec Canada

Something New for 2020……

My best friend Eliza came through yet again. She told me which days to take off from work and to have my passport ready. She planned the most lovely 3 days in Quebec City, Quebec. She knows me far too well.

My first ever Vlog. I hope you enjoy!

I think my favorite part of the entire trip was the spa. She knew after completing a Master’s degree in 12 months, I was overdue for some rest and relaxation. Miami was a nice preview. But this was the kind of trip I’d been craving. I love feeling like I’m in a different era, and Old Quebec City transported me to a different time entirely. I was captivated by its Christmas beauty. And enjoyed the local culture. One day I’ll learn enough French to carry a conversation! Eliza was my translator extraordinaire.

I’m leaving for Vietnam and Thailand in just 5 days! Expect more vlogs this year. I have 3 trips planned already.



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