Quarantine Check-In

I’m ready for things to go back to normal.

May 2019 Reims, France

I shared back in February that I wanted to challenge myself to take a trip every month this year. And not necessarily a trip that would require a flight and packed itinerary. But definitely a planned excursion, or weekend getaway. Obviously with the current state of the world, that plan was abruptly foiled.

In March, before everything was shut down, I did make it to Boston for a cool day trip. And I was so excited about my 7 day vacation to Spain that was supposed to commence on April 26th.

Trolley tour of Boston

I must confess, as a wanderluster, I am concerned about the foreseeable future of the travel, tourism and hospitality industries. When will it be safe to travel again? How long until borders are reopened? Will we have to wait for a vaccine? Will we have to be screened at airports? Can we trust that hotels/Airbnbs will be properly sanitized? That being said, I promise I’m in no rush to go anywhere. Safety ALWAYS comes first.

I’m also concerned about how much it will cost to travel when everything reopens. Will airlines and hotels have to inflate prices to make up for the months of no business? Will I still be able to catch amazing travel deals?

I guess only time will tell.

In the meantime, I’m blessed to still be employed. Which means I’m still accruing vacation hours (paid time off). And my company’s CEO is encouraging us to take time off. So I suppose this will be my new 2020 challenge. How do I make my PTO fulfilling if I can’t travel anywhere?

I mean really. I’ve already been working from home for 6 weeks.

Monticello, Italy 2019

I’m currently brainstorming some ways to spend some PTO safely outside of the house. As I’m certain many parents are too, since summer vacation is right around the corner. Of course I will keep you all updated with what I do.

Sending positivity and love to all of my followers during this time. Stay safe and healthy!



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