My First COVID Trip

I honestly didn’t see myself traveling again until next year. But this trip was COMPLETELY necessary.

Allow me to explain.

The first week of September I was on FaceTime with my best friend Etta. She was finishing a painting that I’d commissioned from her. Before I knew it, her boyfriend Patrick grabbed the phone and carried it out the room. Nothing unusual, he and I like to chat from time to time.

Paintings I’ve purchased from Etta

Next thing I know he’s pulling out a box hidden in their coat closet. He went to the bathroom and signaled me to stay quiet. And then BOOM a little jewelry box from Zales flashed across the screen. I had to cover my screech.

He carried on the conversation as he gave the phone back to Etta, and emphasized that I should definitely join them on Etta’s annual family vacation to the Outer Banks, North Carolina. So I knew it was going down in just 3 weeks.

I’ve joined Etta’s family on their annual vacations many years in the past. But between COVID, work, and a recent move, I wasn’t planning on attending this year.

I honestly battled with the idea for a little while. I told myself I would just have them FaceTime me. Or maybe I could go for just a few days. My dad even offered to drive me down there. And my family and I would make a long weekend out of it.

But ultimately the circumstances only allowed me to fly out for just a single day. I didn’t mind. There was no way I could miss Etta’s special moment. Especially when Patrick went out of his way to tell me. And the best part is that Patrick was willing to work with me. Whether I could get there at the beginning or end of the week long vacation, he wasn’t going to propose until I arrived.

So I went and witnessed their spectacular moment and flew back home the following day. And then got a COVID test the day after. Thankfully I tested negative.

Please enjoy this mini vlog of my experience. Excuse my boisterousness. I was TREMENDOUSLY excited.

Cheers to the happy couple!

Until next time. Stay safe!


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