First things first…

Hello there. Thanks for joining me!

“Don’t listen to what they say. Go see it.” – unknown

Hi I’m Brittney. I live in Northeastern United States, I work an average corporate job, and I love to travel.

Diary of a PTO (paid time off) Vacationer is my blog about my travels. My current job allots me a few weeks of paid time off per year. I make the most of that time by planning fun trips, both domestically and internationally.

You can read more about how I became interested in traveling and what made me fall in love with it in my About Me section.

Travel will be a constant in my life. And I figured I might as well share my journeys with whomever would be interested.

As of today, I have 5 trips planned between now and June 2019.

I leave for Iceland on Sunday December 23rd. I’ll be sharing the good, bad, and in between on here.

Thanks and I hope you enjoy!






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